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How to deal with water damage in a basement foundation

     If you are noticing watermarks or cracks on your foundation wall, it’s likely that water has entered the basement. Depending on the damage, there are multiple ways of dealing with the issue. This blog post will discuss a few types of damages we frequently see and resolutions for them. Please note that If your basement suffered from a flood, it’s most likely a different type of issue that we will discuss in another post.

     There are three types of damage we saw with a basement foundation.

1: Weakened tie rod concrete – If you see a round concrete patch consistently throughout the basement in a horizontal pattern, those would be tied rod patches. The basement wall has many tie rods embedded as a stabilizer against soil pressure during formwork. Concrete was then applied on top as patch. Over time, the concrete becomes weakened and needed to be repaired. An easy way to inspect is by taking the back of a screwdriver and hitting the patch lightly, if you notice concrete falling apart, it will need to be repaired. The steps are easy, you will need a putty knife, some water, and hydraulic cement. first, mix cement with water and turn it to mud. Use the putty knife to apply the mud to the weakened area. Wait 48 to cure and you are good to go.

2: Vertical and horizontal crack on wall- There are two ways to repair the crack, repairing from the interior and repairing from the exterior. The goal of exterior waterproofing is to stop water from entering the house and repairing from interior method is to drain water out of the home. General speaking, exterior repair is more expensive than interior repair. We highly recommend hiring a waterproofing professional to repair cracks, any incorrect execution can lead to unexpected results. A sample interior repair will involve patching the existing cracks. excavating the entire perimeter of the basement. Remove all the excess soil and gravel. Lay down perforated pipe. Connect the perforated pipe to sump pump. And Install the waterproof membrane onto the wall. Exterior repair is similar in steps and done on the outside in oppose to the inside.

3: Soil Erosion – If you notice traces of soil falling from the ceiling near the foundation, this is caused by soil erosion. Patching any damages with hydronic will help with the issue. In addition, examine the corresponding area outside and see what could be the cause of erosion. Some possible reasons include the downspout installed improperly, the grading of the house being disrupted by landscape work, and the type of soil used when the house was built. A qualified professional can help you identify the root cause of the issue and provide suggestions on the repair.

If you are looking to waterproof your basement or want to evaluate the situation, you can reach out to us by E-mail [email protected] or using the contact form of our site.