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Kitchen Remodel

     Kitchen is the most important space in the home of every culture. It’s the heart of a home and it unites family and friends. Hestia Hearth Design will partner with you and build your dream kitchen. You will get a dedicated project manager and designer that will ensure the success of your project. You can also read our five step process on the core principle a kitchen remodel project.

Modern white Kitchen

Small Kitchen Remodel:

If you live in a town home or condo with small kitchens, not to worry, we can help. Small kitchen usually have two issues, limited in storage and limited moving space. This is usually caused by poor cabinetry placement and improper flow design. We have fixed many small kitchen with new placement,  accessories and organizing technique to create functional space. We have also written on ways to  save cost in kitchen remodel to help with budgeting.

Medium Size Kitchen Remodel:

A medium size kitchen ranges from 100 to 200 square feet. This kitchen size usually allows two to three people moving within the space. Many homeowner wishes to allow a growing family and we can help examine the current space layout to identify opportunites for further expansions. 

Large Kitchen Remodel:

Large kitchen is not limited in space and can test out many ideas. Hestia Hearth Design will can help home owner design a a kitchen that can suit every need. 

You can always count on us to provide all client professional unbias opinion about your kitchen remodel. 

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