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Home remodel essential – choosing colour

Many interior designers aren’t born with the talent for picking the right color. They studied and trained to help clients on color wheels and maximize “personality” of a space. There are many online communities that designers share their work on and we encourage all homeowners to utilize these communities during the planning process and share your thoughts with your remodelers when discussing designs. This post is not to provide color theory 101 instead it’s providing the logic when selecting colors during the planning process.

Home Remodel Trend:

If the intention of your home remodel is for real estate value then following the trend is critical. The trend changes every 5-10 years but fortunately, there are a few timeless colours that never go out of trends. White (or Ivory), light grey, charcoal, and nude. These colors all belong to the neutral color category. One or two of these color can set the tone of the space and partner it with contrast colour or complementary tones. 

80/20 Rule of Home Remodel:

There are a few golden rules when it comes to color, the 60:30:10 and the 80:20. The 60:30:10 gives the designer more to play with but slightly difficult to find a balance for homeowners who are not colour sensitive. 80/20 is much easier. The typical home remodel we seen usually includes painting, flooring, storage (cabinet and closet), furnitures/appliances. Your primary tones would be on the wall, the floor, cabinets, and larger objects such as the sofa. The 20% is where you can let your creativity fly, these include lamps, chairs, a table, a faucet, and a few small decors. Homeowners should avoid mixing too many colours as the secondary colour may surpass and dominate the primary tones.

Picking the Right Colour for Home Remodel:

Ready to select the color for your home remodel? Follow these easy steps.

1: Pick out a photo or painting that the primary color is of your preference. If traditional is the way you want to go, the last supper can be a starting point. Google an image of last supper. 

2: Extract the color of the painting using a color extract site. I like to use cssdrive.com . It gives a light, medium, and dark color palette. (light palette fits most homes)

3: Chose 1-2 primary colour and no more than 3 secondary colors for the entire home.

4: Share your findings with our home remodel designer and we can take it from there.