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Hamilton Kitchen Remodel around Brick

uncommon structure kitchen

Kitchen Design

Bulk heads isn’t uncommon in today’s home. They are mostly used to hide plumbing and venting pipes. In certain cases, they are also used to hide structural elements or extension of the home. This is the case for this Hamilton home.  Part of the basement staircase was extruded into the kitchen area and taken up space with red brick panels. Removing the bulkhead is not an option in this kitchen renovation. We have to plan accordingly for this element.  


Hamilton Kitchen Remodel with bulkhead


The kitchen structure did not require major structural change. The whole project is revolving around increasing kitchen storage and making individual cabinets more functional. Discolored old flooring and traditional light fixture require replacement. Painting and baseboard change will also contribute to successful kitchen remodel.


The first step of this Hamilton kitchen design is to determine the structure with the bulkhead in mind. Cabinet placements will influence the overall flow of the kitchen. After acquiring the required information on room sizes and future appliances. We prepared several kitchen designs that are structurally suitable for the kitchen space. We have chosen to add a pantry beside the fridge for dry food storage. This is merely enough to make up for the loss from the bulkhead. We extended the kitchen into the dining area, this will also allow a “junk” drawer to be placed at the entrance of the kitchen.  

Aesthetically, upper cabinets is white shaker and the lower cabinet is classic stained mahogany. This mix is the perfect example of a transitional color combination. Crown molding and light valence to complete the cabinet. Lastly, to finish the project off, an off-white countertop was chosen with subtle veins embedded in the base. 


Kitchen Detail

Hamilton Kitchen Counter
Hamilton Kitchen Pantry