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Burlington Cozy Kitchen Remodel

Functional and Stylish

Kitchen Design

While there are a lot of inspirational color trends in 2020. White is still the most popular and classic color of the choice. Our lovely Burlington couple decided to upgrade their kitchen from a traditional light brown color to a transitional kitchen with step shaker maple cabinets. A white kitchen fits the minimalistic style as well as vintage seekers. Step shaker’s double trim and the gold hardware set this kitchen apart.

Burlington Cozy Kitchen Remodel


The original kitchen had a breakfast bar with a high sitting area that was not comfortable. The couple wanted to have that changed along with more storage. The previous kitchen also had areas of dead space. The upper cabinet near the peninsula was too far away and the right corner base cabinet was a blind corner cabinet. These cabinets were very difficult to reach and store kitchen needs.


The knee wall has been lowered with an extension quartz countertop as breakfast bar. The warmth of the gold hardware and vinyl flooring adds richness and texture. It balances the white of the space. The same quartz was also used for backsplashes. The quartz backsplash not only does a great job of protecting the wall from moisture, but this is also stain resistant, and cleans easily.


Next is to solve dead corners in the kitchen, Our designer used a lazy susan with a spin tray to offer easy access to the base corner. The centre of the stove has also been set to the right in order to put a bigger reachable cabinet on the left side. Drawers for pots and pans, along with spice pullout specifically fits in the homeowner’s baking needs. A tall pantry cabinet also provides tons of the storage room. 


We wanted to add a bit more to the kitchen to show characteristics. We added a waterfall quartz to the knee wall that was revised. This waterfall flows vertically down one side, blocks the bare wall and creates a luxurious look. The gray marbling vines on the quartz countertops add to the flow. 

Kitchen Detail

Burlington Cozy Kitchen Remodel - Corner Area
Burlington Cozy Kitchen Remodel - Coffee Area
Burlington Cozy Kitchen Remodel - Cuonter focus