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Why remodel your Burlington home is a good idea.

The pandemic in 2020 may have done many things but it definitely have not slow down the house market. Average Burlington home price is closed to 1 million and is continue to climb. If you own a home in Burlington, you should definitely consider upgrading your home. With help of professional home remodel company, you will enjoy a stress free process. There are many core benefits to upgrading your home, we have outline a few down below.

Protect your investment:

Your home is probably rank top three in your investment portfolio. It would in your best interest to protected it. When proceding with a home remodel, your contractor may discover major issue such as mould or structural deficiencies while demolishing. It would be best to repair these issue right away to avoid further damages to your property. You may also discover hidden family treasure along the way as well if you have lost precious gift in the house and never found.

Increase house value:

Your realtor friend, your bank and everyone around you probably already told you this. Remodeling your home is going to increase your house value. However, not all home remodel are created equal, renovating certain section of your home may have more returns than others. Typically, kitchen, bathroom and basement have yield home owner the best return on investment, but a experience contractor may find other space more beneficial for the money if you are looking for quick sale instead. 

Increase comfort:

The pandemic have forced many office work to retreat to home. The house is becoming a secondary working station. Having a comfortable environment is not just adding a few ergonoical furnitures. It’s also color of your paint, texture of your flooring and style of your cabinets (if you are working in the kitchen). You want your home to look neat and unique that can wow your colleague when you turn on the zoom video. Aside from the home office factor, your family will also able take advantage of the upgrades. 

Hestia Hearth Design will work in your best interest and design a home that would suit your objectives. We will work closely with you to deliver a great finish product that can last a long time.