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Top 10 specialty kitchen appliances after a remodel.

We are living in an era where time is precious and optimized workflow is critical in every home. We have listed out products that would serve that purpose. With the combination of products, you can expect to gain back the time you lost. 

1. Smart Garden

A smart garden can reduce the time you take to look for a particular ingredient at a grocery store. This innovative device is delivered with a soil capsule that is already nutrition balanced. It will automate tasks like watering and lighting control.  The garden can easily grow basil, thyme, mint for your cooking use. Place your smart garden on a windowsill or a corner and watch it flourish.

Price: $129.99

Buying link: Smart Garden

2. Rotating Pizza Oven

Have you ever tried heating frozen pizza or leftover chicken wings in a microwave? If you did, then you must’ve noticed the taste isn’t what you expected to be. The rotating over can help you with this. The tray will turn continuously and heats from the top and bottom. The built-in timer will help prevents overcook. Cleaning the pan is also a breeze with the non-stick tray.

Price: $132.63

Buying link: Pizza rotating oven

3. Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is a must-have for any home chef. Meat, soup, cake, rice, a pressure cooker packs with all the features you will ever need in a kitchen. A busy working professional can prep the food the night before and take it as lunch in the morning. The pot can easily prep a meal for a four person family in an hour. Many pressure cookers come with a cooking book that outlines the steps and ingredients needed for the dish. Lastly, the modern pressure cooker includes a ton of safety features that would ease your worry of appliance failure.


Buying link: Pressure Cooker

4. Air Fryer

Do you love deep fry food but worry about calories? Air Fryer is your friend. This compact device uses small amount of oil and frying food by circulating heated air inside. It consumes little energy and works much faster than an oven or stovetop. This appliance is great to make your own popcorn chicken or fresh fries. Once you are done, it can be stored in any small cabinets inside the kitchen.


Buying link: Air Fryer

5. Water Boiler and Warmer

The Water Boiler and Warmer is a great appliance for hot water and tea drinkers. As a tea drinker myself, I constantly find myself boiling new batch of hot water and it’s definitely not eco-friendly or help my hydro bill. This appliance has multiple temperatures to choose from and automatically shuts off to save on energy when heated up to the proper temperature. It can also use to cook or warm up a milk bottle.

Price: $97.28

Buying link: Water Boiler and Warmer

6. Single Serve Coffee Makers

The single-serve coffee maker is better than the traditional device in a few ways. It reduces coffee wastage when boiling a full pot. It allows everyone at home to pick the flavor of coffee they enjoy. These coffeemakers come with a control pad for easy control. Some also offer the 2 in 1 function that allows single pod and full 12 cups made with the single maker.

Price: $119

Buying link: 2 in 1 coffee maker

7. Garburator

Are you tired of cleaning out the drain or constantly getting food logged in your plumbing? Garburator is a great addition during your kitchen remodel.  These devices can easily destroy the remaining food that flows down the drain or dishwasher. Traditional garburators are bulky and take up a ton of space below your sink, modern garburator is in a compact design without compromising power.

Price: $146.65

Buying link: Garburator

8. Soap Dispenser

Deck mounted soap dispenser remains to be one of the most popular plumbing accessories during kitchen remodel. Traditionally, these weren’t very popular as the homeowner need to crawl under the sink and dismount the bottle to fill. The modern soap dispensers can be filled from the top. It can also match the finish of the faucet and sink for consistent aesthetics. 


Price: $99

Buying link: Contact Us

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

There is nothing better than a fresh breakfast in the morning. For less than $60, you can have your own sandwich maker. This multi-layer machine can save you tons of time in the morning with its built-in timer and easy cleanup. A simple breakfast sandwich with meet can be ready in around 5 minutes. As with the rest of the appliances in this post, it’s compact and easily stored away.

Price: $54.94

Buying link: Breakfast sandwich maker

10. Food Dehydrator

Another great appliance for healthy eaters. The food dehydrator can be make healthy snacks such as beef jerky, chips, the possibility is limitless. Stack trays allow different combinations of use. It also comes with a built-in thermostat that will control the drying temperature. The timer is a finishing touch to ensure safety and easier usage. Minimal supervision is required with continuous airflow.

Price: $74.99

Buying link: Food Dehydrator

Acquiring these small appliances after your kitchen remodels should help with your busy schedule. It will also promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.