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Selected Quartz Countertop Brand Overview

The most common type of countertop in our kitchen renovation project is the quartz. We have another post describing characteristic of quartz and its alternatives. This post we will focus on popular brands we have used.


Little would’ve guessed that Cambria started as a creamry. After years of development, Cambria became a well known luxury quartz brand. It’s known for unique designs, durability and services.  Cambria is a great choice for any home renovation project that requires quartz surface. It’s wide collection of products will able to suit any needs.


Cosentino carries four brands under the umbrella each with unique properties. Silestone, a premium quartz brand with over seventy different colours and texture to chose from. Dekton, material made of porcelain, glass and quartz. It can be made into different thickness and used for indoor and outdoor applications. Sensa and Natural Stone is the natural stone countertop.


Ceaserstone quartz is mostly manufactured in isreal and dominate the market there. In Canada, ceaserstone is often seen in design shows and recommended by many interior designers. The interactive visualizer on their site is a great tool for home owners to finalize decision on the products.


Kstone is a younger company with a good collection of quartz  Their collection shares many similarity with some of the high end brands while price is more affordable.

There are many other quartz brand avaliable in market and each has a unique collection. We welcome you to our showroom to explore the possibility in the world of quartz. We can find the quartz that suits any of your home remodel needs.