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How to properly light a kitchen

Lighting is an important factor in the kitchen. You want to be sure there are light sources from multiple angles, and that you have enough general lighting with minimal shadows. The goal is to give a good amount of light while also avoiding harsh shadows which can make it harder to see what you’re cooking on your countertop!

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Luxury home
Home Renovation
James Li

Building material life expectancy and when to replace.

Some building materials have longer life expectancy than others. It would be a good time to replace many of existing building material when doing home remodels, or even from time to time. This article outlines typical life expecatancy of househood materials and signs for replacement.

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High Glossy Kitchen
James Li

Our Cabinet

Modern Cabinetry Cabinet doors: High-pressure laminate slab door style. Sleek cabinet style is a best-suited kitchen that uses an electric stove.  Cabinet Boxes: Plywood for

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Duration of Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty on drawer slides and door hinges.  5 Year Limited Warranty on cabinet box and door. Limited Lifetime warranty on

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