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Mix and Match Ancaster Kitchen Remodel

Mix more than the colour

Kitchen Design

Dark or light theme kitchen? This is a tough choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Recent years, dark isn’t the first theme that comes to mind when people think of a kitchen renovation. White is more preferable because of it’s clean and simplistic look. However, the dark theme can gain dramatic visibility when used correctly. This ancaster house has great ambient lighting and high ceiling. The charcoal grey would light up the kitchen better.


Ancaster Kitchen Remodel- Charcol Grey


The homeowners’ existing kitchen cabinets had natural wood details and lacked storage. Part of the back panel fell apart during use. The island was a diamond shape that was popular decades ago attached with dark granite. The homeowner is looking forward to replacing it with a contemporary rectangle island. The fridge was facing the dishwasher in the kitchen and the space was very narrow (26’’). They have to stay in an awkward position to open the dishwasher and use it. 


We have changed the kitchen layout by shifting the fridge to the left side. This provides extra clearance and allows better access to the cooking area. Knowing the current bulkhead holds HVAC and not easily relocated, we have built the bulkhead to match the existing bulkhead for consistency. We then built a base cabinet and decorated it with a countertop to blend this wall into the kitchen. 


We made sure the entire kitchen is fully accessible, there is space for everything and no dead space in the cabinet. We have built this custom made pull out drawer based on the client’s description in order to fit her pot lids. The homeowner also loves cooking and there is a pull out spice drawer beside the stove. The lazy susan corner cabinet with the spin trays offer easy access and reach. We also included pull out drawers in the tall pantry.


We always take lifestyles into consideration when we design a kitchen. The homeowner is a morning person who likes to start off her morning with a jolt of caffeine. We have added a coffee area beside the fridge and added under cabinet lighting so it’s easier to brew a pot before the sun rises. There are glass cabinets with puck lights shine through the glass shelves for the upper cabinets in the coffee area where the owners can display attractive items and add more character to the space. 


In an open plan kitchen, it’s a good idea to use different colors to show the zone areas. A white island cabinets show a contrast with the kitchen perimeter and also brighten up the kitchen. The island was built with one side deeper cabinets combined with shallower cabinets placed back to back. With this arrangement, the cabinets on the work side have been used for sink base, pull out garbage, dishwasher and a built-in microwave cabinet while the shallow side can be used to put smaller items that  used less frequently such as a gravy bow or recipe books. 


A hardware mix is an interesting element we have added into this kitchen. The knobs are placed on the shallow cabinets in the island to avoid bumped knees and hide the visibility of the hardware from the front. We also have knobs on the pantry to give the kitchen lots of character. Long handles on the big drawers is functionally better for stronger grip. This mix and match can avoid repetitiveness by using just one style across all cabinets.

Kitchen Detail

Ancaster Kitchen Remodel- Roll out drawer
Ancaster Kitchen Remodel-Counter and outlet
Ancaster Kitchen Remodel- Pot lid drawer