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Planning Your Kitchen

Preparing a floorplan

A well designed kitchen usually required to measure a few times. A intial floor plan may look like the one on the right. The key is to have as much detail as possible.

1) Measure from floor to ceiling

2) Measure from one end of the wall to the other

3) Measure from top of the window to ceiling

5) Measure from top of the door to ceiling

6) Measure from corner to window or door openings.

7) Label gas line, water line, electrical plugs and appliances, mount telephone and TV outlet.

The most important part sometime a good designer would even miss is to ensure all the number add up.

Sample kitchen floor plan

Standard Kitchen Layouts

There are five standard kitchen shapes: Straight, Galley, L-Shape, U-shape, and G-Shape. You will see in diagram below that there is a triangle in every drawing. The work triangle is the configurator use by professionals for designing kitchen. The three angle points to refrigerator, range/cooktop and sink.

The straight kitchen layout is mostly used to utilize small spaces and normally seen in condo buildings. Due to spatial limitations, resident often need to add pull out accessories or lazy susan to maximize the use of cabinet spaces.

one line kitchen flow

The L-Shape kitchen is one of the most common layout in canadian households. It provides a continuous counter space. It also leaves enough room for a center island or dining table. It also provides plenty of walking room if needed.

L shape Kitchen flow

The G-Shape kitchen focuses on providing extra workspace and storage for master chefs and medium size family. The walking room is smaller than L-shape and may not able to fit a kitchen island in the center. This layout also works best when two of the wall are open to adjacent spaces.

G Shape kitchen flow

The Galley kitchen is ideal when there are two cooks in the home or to separate out the preparation area and the cooking area. A larger galley kitchen can allow a island placement in the center while leaving enough room for walking.

galley kitchen flow