Granite vs Quartz vs Laminate countertop

When picking countertop, it comes down to two choices, granite and quartz. How should you chose between the two?


If you do not mind high maintenance or prefer exotic patterns, or want 100% natural. Granite is the right choice for you. Granite is 100% natural stone, it’s mined from quarries around the world then cut to smaller pieces. Blessed by nature, you will not find two of the exact same granite.  Granite may not be a good choice is your family cooks on a regular basis, because it would mean a lot of maintenance for you. In order to avoid damages to your natural stone, it requires proper sealing, and this could take up 10-15 minute of your time each week.


We recommend quartz to almost all our clients. Quartz is a man-made product. It can produce a uniform pattern or mimic granite’s uneven patterns. Quartz countertop does not require sealing and is more durable in most cases. Even though quartz is durable and requires very little maintenance but it does not have high resistance to heat. Having a heated pan put on the counter would be a bad idea and it would leave a mark on your counter in some cases.


Most people known laminate as the cheaper alternative to their stone competitors such as quartz and granite. But laminate also not add a lot of resale value to the home. Aside from the affordable pricing, what is laminate top exactly? Laminate top is essentially a layer of plastic added with particleboard and kraft paper. Therefore, this material is lightweight. It can even be installed without a professional’s help. Aside from not adding resale value, the laminate top can be damaged easily. It has low resistance to abrasive and heat when comparing to stones.

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