What is cabinet boxes made off?

There is two common cabinet box material out there in the market. Particle board and plywood. Here are some of the differences.


Particle board is an engineered material that is made from wood chip and particles. The board is less expensive compared to plywood counterparts. Another benefit of choosing particle board is it’s lightweight which makes it ideal for certain furniture. Particleboard quality is depended on the adhesive that holds the particle together and therefore always asks about adhesive quality when choosing this product.

particle board


Plywood box is made up of multiple layers of wood that is glued together in a sandwich form. Plywood is more expensive than particleboard but it’s more durable and can hold screws and fasteners better. For more stability and quality, plywood construction should be 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood construction.

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plywood cabinet box

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