Add These 5 Accessories To Improve Your Cabinet

Cabinets have three critical features in your kitchen. Aethetics, storage, and organization. In today’s article, we will be covering five key accessories that can help you with all three.We hope this list will smooth out your purchase process.

Utensil Organizer

There are two common utensil organizers. The pull out utensil organizer shown on the right and the utensil drawer. The pull out utensil organizer allows chefs to store larger items such as pot and the trade-off is drawer spaces for smaller items. The utensil drawer, on the other hand, can organize cutlery and utensils. To hold more items, utensil drawers can be expanded to two levels for deeper drawers. Hestia Hearth utensil drawers can be constructed with stainless steels and solid wood.

kitchen utensil pull out

Lazy Susans

Multi-Tier Lazy Susan solution is great items with long shelving life. Lazy Susan is usually constructed within the corner cabinets. The rotating plates enable home owners to reach for items in the farthest corner of your cabinets. This is especially ideal for homes that wishes to use cabinets to it’s fullest potential.

kitchen lazy susan

Spice rack

Do you have many spice jars and you had to use an organizer to hold them and place them on your counter? Then spice rack is the perfect add on for you. Spice rack can hold up to 50 jars of spices in a four tier racks. 

kitchen spice rack

Pot Drawer

Deep drawers are best for two things. Future add-ons and cookware storage. These drawers can easily separate frying pan from stew pots. A deep drawer can also fit custom made utensil drawers and spice rack all in one drawer.

kitchen pot drawers

Pull out trash can

Pull out trash can contain the odor in a smaller space and help home owner to  organize garbage and recycle based on the city code. It’s small size also helps to increase storage in the overall kitchen.

kitchen pull out trash can

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