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How to design a small kitchen with high gloss elements?

Every inch is important in a small kitchen. Making a kitchen aesthetically appealing while maximize functionality is difficult but not impossible for small spaces. The kitchen designs below utilize high gloss elements for two good reasons. One, high gloss makes a small kitchen brighter, lights reflected on each cabinet doors, and will bounce between surfaces. Two, grease is easily caught on any surface, high gloss is easier to wipe off than a solid wood surface.

Tri-Colour Townhome Kitchen Design

three color kitchen with high gloss cabinet

This small U-shape kitchen uses white and beige as the dominant color. Instead of using small subway tiles as backsplash, a larger wall tile is used. The large backsplash has a consistent pattern and it’s perfect complimenting the gap space between the high gloss cabinets. Cabinet hardware adds the finishing touch of simplicity. The floor tile utilizes an arctic vein pattern to add a bit more taste to a flat kitchen. 

80/20 High Gloss Kitchen Design

Black and White high gloss

This loft space utilizes the 20% rule. 80% of white dominate the kitchen space. With the black pendant light, the island immediately grabs the attention of any friends and family entering the space. The natural reaction is people will automatically gather around the focal point of the space. The grey cabinet recess toe-kick is to create a floating cabinet visual when view from far. It also blends in with any residue that may get dropped on the floor or gets collected over time. Backsplash, flooring utilizes wood like tiles, these tile planks provide a contemporary look to space.

Bi-Color Kitchen Design

Bi-color high gloss kitchen

These three kitchens showcase the possibilities of using cabinets of different colors and mixing them with different backsplash and flooring styles. The photo on right is focusing on Zen look. The kitchen bottom left focusing easy to clean, hence the quartz backsplash. And the space bottom right is focusing on having multi-depth aesthetics. 

Quartz Backsplash High Gloss kitchen


In conclusion, there are many ways to design a small kitchen. There are many more elements that can be added to the mix to give the unique kitchen feel. Adding trim to the ceiling, different light fixtures, or even hardware will make your kitchen stand out among the others.