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Home Remodel Outlook 2021

Many homeowner were forced to stay at home through COVID-19. This allowed homeowners to rethink how to organize and make the home more functional. Looking into the year 2021, we believe minimalistic will rise above all other styles. Minimalistic focus on the motto less is more. This is reflected in many areas of the home.


The shade of white and grey will dominate the walls and floor in 2021 for its timeless personality. Prime colors will be used to brighten the subtle background, blue, orange will be used to provide a sharp contrast in a custom home. We noticed a strong trend with matte black bathroom fixture since latte half of 2019 and we expect this to continue into 2021.


Hardwood and engineer flooring will no doubt be the top choice for living space in the majority of the home. Tiles will be the homeowner’s favorite in high traffic areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. This may trend towards vinyl plank as it’s the more budget-friendly choice and would tie with another plank flooring better. In terms of sizes, 5″-7″ wide planks are going to replace the 3″-4″ narrow planks. Larger tiles will replace smaller tiles in homes.


As we see a general decline in overall living space continues into 2021. We expect utility hardware plays a key part in every day home. These utility hardwares will improve the existing space such as bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. We will also see an increasing interest in custom hardware that is made to serve a specific purpose.


Stay simple has been the interior design motto since 2018. Large complex chandeliers are replaced with a simple, elegant pendant light or track lights. Complimentary lights such as under-cabinet lighting and stair lighting will gain priority during home remodeling projects.


Wall trims style is going from quarter bevel towards plain shakers. Round posts are replaced with a square. Ceiling molding outside of the kitchen will go obsolete. This switch aligns with all the other categories we see. Complex decor represents classic and traditional while simple, industrial is the new modern. 

Smart Home:

Staying connected is helpful in detecting hazards early. We are seeing homeowners are more conscious of connecting smart devices with their phone and tablet. We expect this trend to continue in remodel projects in the future. We also expect to see more manufacture entering the space and spending more in R & D.