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What is high gloss cabinet made of?

There are three ways to achieve the high gloss look on cabinets, lacquer, acrylic, and Theromofoil. 

Lacquer: Lacquer often used to paint automobiles in the past. They result in a thicker coat than enamel pain. This is the lowest priced option in the three high gloss options. The glossy feeling will discolor over time, we have seen white lacquer turn yellow less than 6 months.  Lacquer is popular within the DIY community as it could dry in 15 minutes. 

Thermofoil:  Thermofoil is a thin layer “plastic” apply to a melamine or MDF core. Thermofoil will not change color over time and the cost is lower than painted hardwood. This high gloss option is frequently used in condos or homes that looking for a quick upgrade. It does not withstand heat and moisture well and these elements will cause the “plastic” layer to fall off over years of use. Thermofoil cabinet requires a heat resistant filler beside the stove for further protection.

Acrylic: Acrylic is also known as acrylic glass. It’s similar to Thermofoil that it’s also pressuring a layer onto an MDF or HDF “core”. The acrylic sheet is shatter-resistant and lightweight. The material usually showing higher luminosity than it’s Thermofoil and Laquer option and is more durable. Acrylic carries many benefits include high heat resistance, moisture resistant, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. However, Acrylic is not perfect, fingerprint can and mud can be all over the high gloss layer for a home with small children. 

High gloss cabinets are not suitable in a cottage or home that is mostly rustic. Speak to your designer to see what suits your home the best.

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