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High Gloss Kitchen Remodel in Brampton

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Kitchen Design

The design philosophy for this kitchen remodel is to help guide homeowners’ to create a space that is sleek and trendy. The client chose high gloss cabinets as they believe it would fit their design taste the best.

Brampton high gloss kitchen


The original kitchen cabinet was made of pressure veneer with particle boards and has been used for more than 30 years. Some of the cabinets started to have cracks at places. The shallow pantries did not provide the storage home owner needed and also blocked the daylight in between the kitchen and the entrance. The homeowner was having a large family visiting from overseas and this kitchen is not a good fit for party or day to day usage.The homeowners also wish to have a work area for the computer and monitor system. 


We chose acrylic for high gloss cabinets for it’s durability and luminosity. Thermofoil and Laquer could’ve created the same high glossy effect in the short term, but may have color deterioration or quality issues in future. For the core of the cabinet doors, we used high density fiberboards in oppose to typical MDF for that quality reason as well. Using HDF as the core has one down side, it increases the weight of the door and the standard slide will not soft close with it. We upgraded the cabinet accessories to heavy duty to ensure everything remains soft closing. To finish up the kitchen wall, we used grey glass subway tiles in brick patterns. The glass subway displays a consistent high gloss as the cabinets while breaking up the white. 

In terms of storage, we added many accessories based on homeowner’s cooking habits and storage preferences. The pull out spice rack and pull out garbage bin near the stove to offer easy use within reach. The corner cabinets with metal spin trays are easy to clean and can be used for pots and pans. The island we added in the kitchen creates additional storage for the homeowner and can be used as a dining area.

Lastly, we added a workstation in this kitchen, the family spends most of the time around the kitchen including working at home hours. This workstation is used to keep an eye on the children while catching up with work emails or cooking dinner. 

Kitchen Detail

Brampton high gloss kitchen-Corner
Brampton high gloss kitchen-Spice Rack
Brampton high gloss kitchen-Spin Tray