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Home Remodel in Burlington

     Full home remodel requires extensive amount of planning and coordination to achieve the vision. It will follow the basic principle of any home remodel, cohesiveness, accurate, and functionality. The project usually takes months to complete. This Burlington home is a great casestudy for anyone looking to remodel their home. This project involve many aspect of typical home remodel include plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and finishing After months of planning and hard work, we can proudly annonce the project is complete.

     This home remodel did not follow the typical 60/30/10 rule when picking colors, it uses cold/warm contrast instead. Majority of the home is light neutral color (white/grey) with darker colour to compliment (black, coffee). 

    On the main floor we borrowed the space from living and expand the kitchen by a few feet. This allows for additional storage and preparation space in the kitchen. We relocated the plumbing vent to an adjacent wall and added new opening for the cold air return in the process. A combination of light and dark cabinets is used. This design mix will stand the test of time. We complimented the cabinets with white back tone quartz countertop. Cabinet hardware are matte black and it flows with other accents in the home. Two cabinets had the stack glass cabinet design to break apart the bulkyness of the home. 

    We rebuild the fireplace framing to facilitate the changing vent position. We also added a piece of beautiful granite to make it spotlight of the living room.

    We stained the stair to match the color of the floor and benchtop. Solid metal rod was selected for a modern touch.

    On the second floor, we made several plumbing and wall construction to maximize the space usage. All fixtures are in chrome finishes. Shower door is duo-sliding allowing owner to enter and exit from both sides.

     We painted one wall in each of the kids bedroom for accent color for a custom touch.

     Light fixtures, door handles and many other accessories was replaced to make sure it’s up to date.

     See photo below for the project completion look.