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Kitchen remodeling budgeting and process

Kitchen remodeling can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Building a new kitchen takes energy and effort. Start with the basics, a typical kitchen remodel project has five categories: flooring, cabinet, counter, general renovation, and appliances.

Flooring- flooring for kitchen ultimately come down to three choices, vinyl, tiles, and wood. tiles being the most expansive due to the amount of labor involve and vinyl is the lowest because it’s less labour intensive. We wrote a separate article explaining the difference in material. The typical kitchen flooring cost usually starts at $3000 including material and labour. 

Cabinet- As mentioned in another post, maple and MDF is the most popular among clients. Maple and painted MDF usually starts around $7000 with handles and soft close hinges included. 

Coutertop- Countertop starting cost is determined by the material. Laminate being the lowest and stone countertop being higher. Laminate can be used in combination with a stone counter to showcase a unique look for two tier counters. There are other countertop material choices such as live edge lumber or concrete to showcase a distinct look, but these are less popular compared to their quartz counterparts. The cost for a quartz counter starts at $ 2000.  

General Renovation- This category consists of many things, electrical, plumbing, wall removal, paint, ceiling, taping, venting, etc. There isn’t a fixed range for this. Typical tasks like connecting plumbing, relocate electrical or install appliances are usually a few hundred dollars per task. Other complex tasks such as the coffered ceiling, the price can range from $1000 – $100000+. 

Appliances- The kitchen usually have five pieces of appliances (microwave, dishwasher, fridge, oven/stove, and rangehood). Depending on the feature and look. A typical set usually costs around $7000 (taxes included). Hestia Hearth Design is a certified dealer of GE appliances, reach out to our team to get a quote on appliances.