Cabinet - Not Just Another Storage Unit

Cabinet is important because it takes up at least 25-30% of your home. It should be more than just a storage unit. It should match with your personality and theme. Though we showcase three popular cabinet styles on this page but we can do so much more and we are here to help find something that suits you.

Shaker style cabinet

Shaker style cabinet is well known for its minimalist design. When combined with different finishes, it can provide both contemporary or traditional feel to your space.

Custom cabinet door

Flat style cabinet

Flat style cabinet is similar to shaker style that it’s also minimalist design. Flat style cabinet do not come with many custimzation on the exterior but is more budget friendly. 

Rustic style cabinet

Rustic cabinet often use to reflect a into the wild or country type of life style. This style is often used in cottages or country get away homes. 

Raised panel cabinet door 3

Countertop Collection

You Pick The Slab We Do The Fabrication

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