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Stacked Continuity Burlington Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen Design

     In this Burlington kitchen remodel, we featured a stack cabinets design. The stacked cabinet with crown molding creates a centerpiece in the space. We made the stacked cabinets with glassdoor to allow more shine and reflect more light at high area. To add a resting and breakfast area, we connected a peninsula with the rest of the kitchen. This section increases storage while not enclosing the kitchen. The peninsula also ties in with the living room well as it can be used as a snack area while gathering around the fireplace. To break up the colour the peninsula is not white as the rest of the kitchen, it uses a charcoal grey for contrast. 

Burlington Stack Cabinet Kitchen


     This Burlington kitchen originally had an angled wall that was difficult to blend into space. The cabinet was not up to the ceiling and lacking in storage space in the kitchen. It also had a few dead corners that blocked the usage of counters. A vinyl sheet was used as kitchen flooring and that created uneven height with the wooden floor in the living room. Lastly, some of the electrical receptacles are not up to code. 


      The kitchen remodel is to help eliminate all the issue that was identified. We first demolished the old kitchen that was in the way. We then square off the wall, put in new flooring, cabinets, and countertops. We added a few features in the cabinets to reduce the complexity of reaching in deep cabinets and assist with the organization. We leveled the tile to the same level as the wood plank and connected with leftover wood planks from previous construction. It gives a smooth transition. The countertop seam location was carefully chosen to hide it from plain sight. We also added dummy doors to a number of cabinets and the backside of the peninsula. This helps reduce the bulkiness of the peninsula and tie in with the existing design. Once the structure is complete, we finished the kitchen remodel with backsplash and electrical upgrades.

Kitchen Detail

Burlington Kitchen Remodel Stack Spin Tray
Burlington kitchen remodel microwave
Burlington kitchen remodel open shelves