White Shaker Kitchen Remodel in Ancaster

Style is in the detail

Kitchen Design

Many homes today feature large kitchens that serve as spaces for cooking and occasional partying. This well built Ancaster bungalow had a traditional kitchen when the couple acquired the house. We worked with the owners for several months to have the kitchen of their dream built. We kept the couple’s budget in mind and delivered a contemporary kitchen that would stand out as a centerpiece of the home. 


Ancaster White Shaker Kitchen


The original Ancaster kitchen had solid wood cabinets that were in their original stain. Part of the cabinet interior was starting to fall apart.The upper cabinet above the fridge is too shallow and homeowners were not able to reach. Another issue was that the range hood should’ve been vented outside to avoid excessive grease when the homeowner cooked. Lastly, the flooring was old beige tiles and definitely needed to be replaced.


We started the ancaster kitchen design process with the goal of designing a comfortable yet stylish contemporary kitchen. The white shaker was the obvious choice with the amount of lighting in the space. Furthermore, we incorporated the homeowner’s lifestyle by adding a wine rack. We finished the cabinet with crown molding on the top. A white vein countertop was a perfect mix with the white cabinet, it creates the classic white on white with a personal touch. The same quartz was also used as backsplash to save homeowner from frequent cleaning.

In the old kitchen, there was one flush mount fixture above the kitchen used as ambient light. The lumination of the light was not at best. To assist, we evenly distributed six pot lights replacing the flush mount,  it adds to the aesthetic.

To resolve the ventilation issue with rangehood. We vented the rangehood through the roof. The kitchen is not complete without the proper tile mix, there was already too much white in the kitchen, we used the grey tile to create contrast. 

The project took less than a month to complete and fall within the owner’s budget. If you own a home in Ancaster and want to have your kitchen remodeled. Give us a call at 289-337-2293.

Kitchen Detail

Ancaster White Shaker Kitchen Wine Rack Detail
Ancaster White Shaker Kitchen Microwave Detail