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2021 Home Remodel Trend – handleless cabinets

Modern minimalist is growing popularity in large metropolis around the globe. We see this trend continues for home remodel as we enter into 2021. This is great for client who have tough time picking out the right handles and anyone who wish to explore consistently in minimalist approach. Eliminating handles will also allow other design elements to glow.

There are several ways to build cabinets without the need of handles. The most frequently used way is push to open. This is the most economical ways and as simple as installing a handle. A push to open magnets is installed in the interior or cabinets with a small metal piece attach to the door. The door can swing open freely with a small force pushing the door. The piston length can be adjusted based on user preferences. The push to open can last many years and easily replaced in the future.

push to open cabinet mechanism
push to open appearance

Second way is to create a hidden latch at the top or on the side of the door. This avoids adding an extra mechanism inside the cabinet or replacing it in the future. This method is also great for cabinet with heavy accessories that may otherwise be too heavy for push to open. This design do come with a premium to pay and may not be appealing to minimalist who may be bothered by the latch appearance.

cabinet latch 2

Last method is making cabinet door longer than the box allow fingers get behind. This is more budget friendly compare to the second methods but less user friendly for complex areas.