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12 mistakes to avoid when doing home renovations.

Starting your Burlington renovation after COVID ends? You might want to hire a professional for the full project or the full project. In either case, your Burlington renovation can consume your budget and your time before you realize it was too late. We listed out some of the common mistakes we have seen during our years of experience.

1. Under estimating budget required

This is the common mistake we seen with DIY enthusiasts. The budget needs to cover not only the material needed for the renovation project, it also needs to cover wastage. Let’s say you decided to lay down tiles for flooring, the corner tiles, and the last line of tiles will eat into your calculation. Same with painting, low-quality rollers will require frequent replacement. In a larger scenario where you open up walls or ceiling, you may face surprises left by previous owners. We recommend plan at least a 20% budget for any size project. You will be prepared for the worst.

2. Disregard existing styles

Unless you are doing a full house remodel from top to bottom, it is important to keep your current design in mind. A European contemporary will not fit in your Muskoka rustic cottage. If you absolutely want multiple design styles in the home. You can try using room breaker or transitional colors to create a separation of space. This is great for Airbnb type of home renovation or large country house.

3. Focus heavily on aesthetics

If your home remodels is to serve a specific function, ie: increase storage or improve traffic flow, then have those resolve first when you are doing the groundwork. It is easy to get distracted by Pinterest images and start focusing on aesthetics instead of function. If this renovated property is going to be your primary residence for more than five years, then you must decide what matters to you the most in the home.

4. Following the trend

Fashion trend may last a year at most while interior design will not last more than 5. Picking something timeless will increase resale value when you decide to put the house on market. Just remember, the bright colors are not here to stay.

5. Picking appliance last

Your appliances play a critical part in your renovation layout. There could be appliances that you don’t think you need or use, but the next owner may find it useful. Make sure you save the space for all core appliances and have the proper plumbing and electrical readily accessible for future connections. The core appliances are fridge, stove, dishwasher, range hood, washer, and dryer.

6. Deciding on material too quickly

Your dream space design will go through several iterations before getting finalized. Do not buy any appliances or job materials until everything is confidently confirmed. Some of the material will be custom made and can not be refunded, you may end up using or keeping materials that you do not need.

When buying materials, make sure to buy from a reputable supplier. Not all materials are created equal, a lower price tag may not be the same quality. If your renovation is done by a renovation company, ask their recommendation and do your own research.

7. Not taking wastage into account

There will be material wastage for flooring and backsplash. Typical renovation requires a15-20% wastage. Some distributors will have a refund policy to take extra materials back if unopened.

8. Not noting past issues.

The house may have flooded or have a few squeaky subfloors. Home renovation is the best time to address these issues. It avoids the risk of greater damage after the project is complete. Make sure to have these issue inspected by an professional if you plan to DIY part of the work.

9. Not noting past issues.

The workflow is particularly important in kitchens remodel. Cooking is becoming bonding and social experience that families enjoy. Traditional kitchen segments the kitchen into three zones (storage, prep, and cook) in an triangular shape. It works because it provides natural workflow. The triangle is still been used in modern kitchen with custom modification that tailor towards the need of individual homeowner. Think about your need and how you will use the kitchen.

10. Not noting the quality of material

Durable, high-quality materials may cost slightly more but it will have a longer life span. On the reverse, if you find a material that is much lower than everywhere else then you can expect the quality of material to be lower as well.

11. Ignoring lighting

Lighting is more than just illuminating the space. A interior designer can help you determine the light temperature, light placement, and light appearance. Each space may require different lighting, having the wrong light can create anxiety and stress. If you plan to pick your own lighting, test the light in an environment that is similar to yours to confirm.

12. Paint the home with too many colors

Benjamin Moore colour swatches can seem overwhelming to most. Stick with one or two color at most if you are not familiar with color theory. Paint with higher sheen will give more glossy look and it’s easier to clean. Kitchen without backsplash can use glossy paint in alternative to backsplash. Majority of the homes could stick with just flat for a consistent look.


Planning a home renovation can take a few months. If you plan to start your project in the summer, now is a great time to research.